Free Online Photo Albums

Store and share your photos with an online digital photograph album.

Ball Of Dirt

Free service for travellers which integrates online photo storage, a journal and maps. You can keep a log of your travels, upload photos to accompany your journal entries, and mark your progress on the map - then invite your friends to share your journey with you by receiving emailed updates each time you add a new entry. When you sign up, you'll receive a private "email drop box" that will automatically upload the photos you send to it to your storage area.


Free online photo storage offering up to 250MB of storage space for photos. Photos can be displayed publicly or password protected for privacy. Photos can be arranged into individually named galleries, and each gallery can be given its own style. Weekly access statistics are provided. Optionally, photos can be watermarked with captions, dates or your site's URL.


A free photo sharing service with a difference, Hello offers an instant messenger-like application that can be used to share photos with other people using Hello. The photos are encrypted before being sent for added privacy. You can discuss the photos (or indeed anything) while they're being uploaded, and there's no limit to file size or resolution.


A service by Sony, ImageStation offers unlimited space for storing photos. The free service stores photos at a lowered resolution. Several paid service levels are available giving higher resolution storage, photo manipulation tools and other benefits.


Online photo album service. The free service lets you store and share up to 150 photos in total (no per-photo file size limit), while paid service plans are available that offer higher storage limits and an ad-free service. You can choose to make your photos publicly available, or you can password-protect or hide your album. Photographs are generally compressed before upload, though you can upload them at a higher resolution if you want to be able to print them later. The PhotoSite AlbumBuilder software (Windows-compatible) can be used to build photo albums locally and automatically upload them to your online storage area.

Yahoo! Photos

Yahoo! offers unlimited free online photo storage. In the free service, uploaded photos are limited to a screen size of 480x360 pixels. Users can create multiple "albums" to categorize their photos, and each album can store upto 300 photos. Yahoo! Photos is integrated with Yahoo! Mail - photos attached to email messages can be detached and added to a Yahoo! Photos album.


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