Free Reminder Services

Forget knotting your handkerchief, these services will remind you about important dates and events...

Birthday Alarm

Birthday Alarm lets you set up free birthday and event reminders, and offers various invitation and party planning tools.

Candor Reminder Service

You can set up a simple reminder email, specify when you'd like it sent to you, and choose whether to make it a one-off or an annual reminder

Email Remind

Email Remind lets you set up all sorts of reminders, for birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments and other important events. You can schedule a number of reminders per event.

Free Minder

Email reminder service that will remind you of events and other happenings 14 days, 7 days, 3 days and 1 day in advance of each event you record with the service. You can add a note to each event that will be sent to you in the reminder email. Free Minder allows you to specify a backup address so that you can for instance receive reminders both at home and at work.

Hassle Me

More of an automated nagging service than a reminder service, Hassle Me lets you set up a reminder to get on with a particular task, and it will keep sending reminders every few days (you specify the approximate interval, and the service randomises it) until you tell it to stop. Great for procrastinators!


JennieBot is a reminder service that sends you emails on random days to prompt you to call people, buy flowers, and carry out all sorts of other small acts of kindness.

Letter Me Later

Letter Me Later lets you schedule emails to be sent out at a future date to other people as if you had written them yourself. You can even CC and BCC recipients, send recurring emails, and send emails from any of your email addresses.

Memo to me

Simple free reminder service that sends you email to remind you of one-time or recurring events.


This free service lets you quickly set up large numbers of reminders, and organise them visually on one screen. You can delay events via email if you want to reschedule the reminder for later, great if you're running late.


Remime lets you set up email alerts for important events and appointments. It also lets you add all your friends' birthdays and schedule a series of email reminders as each date approaches.

Remind My Pet

Specialist reminder service that alerts pet owners when it's time to give their pet its medication, and when the supply of medication is about to run out.


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