Email Etiquette

How to make a positive impact when sending email

These days, your first contact with other people will often be through email. In fact, while you may never actually meet them face to face, you might well end up having a productive ongoing email relationship with them for years.

While everyone has their own unique writing style and distinctive quirks, there are some simple rules of email etiquette you can follow in order to make sure your emails will be warmly and productively received.

This is where this handy email etiquette guide will come in useful...

The Problems Caused by a Lack of Email Etiquette

Learn how a lack of email etiquette can lead to real problems for those on the receiving end of the communication.

Email Proofreading Tips

Simple ways to ensure that your emails say what you meant to say, and won't come back to embarrass you afterwards.

Email Attachment Etiquette

Learn how to send email attachments effectively, so that they have a greater chance of getting to their intended destination, and of being welcomed when they do.

Business Email Etiquette - An Overview

Basic tips to ensure that you leave a positive impression when using email for business purposes

Email Etiquette when Representing Your Company

When sending emails on behalf of your company, it's your company's image that stands to win or lose from how you put that image out to the public...

Email Etiquette when Applying for a Job

Your email approach might be the make-or-break difference that lands you the first interview, or gets you the job... Make it a good one!

Email Etiquette when Writing a Complaint

The way you approach a complaint could make the difference between being taken seriously and having your issue handled, and being dismissed out of hand...

Email Etiquette when Advocating a Cause

Learn how to make a lasting impression when taking a stand for or against the causes that matter to you, for all the right reasons...


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