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01FTP offers a simple free online FTP gateway for you to upload files to and download files from a web server. You'll need to have an existing FTP account to use this service, as it simply provides a web-based interface to the FTP server. As well as uploading/downloading, you can also CHMOD files or directories, and copy, move, delete and rename them.


This service enables you to set up a simple one-page "calling card" with your "Age, Sex, Location" (hence the name!) as well as other information such as a photograph, a list of your favourite links, information about your hobbies and so on. This is convenient when you're in a chatroom for example and want to give people more information about yourself - just direct them to your ASL page!


Named after the strange creature in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Altavista's Babelfish provides a superb free service: it translates websites on the fly between half a dozen European languages. Just feed Babelfish the URL you want translated, and it will reproduce the target page (including graphics and layout) but translated into the language of your choice. While the results are what you would expect from a piece of software (i.e. be prepared to laugh a lot from time to time) this is nevertheless a great service that I use frequently when reviewing foreign-language sites for Emailaddresses.com. Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.


A real blast from the past, this service enables you to access Fidonet conferences, a text based community and communication service that predates the current internet. You can use a telnet program to access the service or communicate through your browser.

FormMail To

This is a useful service for anyone without CGI access! FormMail To will let you set up a form on your site; the output from the form will be sent to you automatically by email. You can specify that responses should be sent to more than one address, and the form does not reveal your email address so no worries about spammers!


With this service you can put a free feedback form on your site without having to know anything about A) programming forms in HTML or B) CGI scripts. You get the benefit of easy access to user feedback; Freedback gets to show your visitors lots of ads on the thank-you page they are taken to after they finish filling in the form.


Grabpage is a service that will email you selected webpages in a format suitable for display on a portable email device. You can send URLs to Grabpage via email and get the relevant pages back in your inbox. Other features include the option to specify width and height values for the reformatted pages, to substitute hyperlinks with a numbered selection system, and more, all free...


Trend Micro provides free access to HouseCall, their web-based virus scanning application. After the (fairly large) application has downloaded into your browser, you can easily scan your machine for signs of viral infestation and then clean any viruses that HouseCall detects.


Although this might be better suited to the "Other languages" category, Langoo covers so many languages that I've put it here instead. Langoo offers free email service in a dozen non-roman alphabets (Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.) without requiring you to download and install fonts on your PC. You just enter text phonetically and it is transformed into the correct characters. These can be viewed by anyone with a web browser (again no special fonts required) since they are turned into graphics.


This interesting service attempts to shield your mailbox from junk email by creating a special account through which you can subscribe to mailing lists and discussion groups. Only preauthorized communications will penetrate the "shell" on this account, which means it theoretically should not be spammable.

Mailto Encoder

This is a great free service provided by SiteUp. It encodes your email address into HTML that dastardly email bots will choke on... thus protecting you from SPAM!


As the name implies, MailtotheFuture lets you set up messages in advance so that they are mailed to you or to others at some specified future date. Ideal for reminders, or if you tend to be forgetful about sending birthday greetings or the like. Note that I had problems getting past the initial registration screen, since I did not get to a confirmation page... yet I still found a password authorization in my email, ready to use. So even if it seems broken, it may not be... be patient, and check your inbox!


If you have ever dreamt of being woken by an advertising jingle, now's your chance! This service states it's the first web-based reminder service in the world. Just enter your telephone number and reminder message, as well as the time you'd like to be called, and let MrWakeup do the rest.


PageGetter helps you to navigate the Web by email. By following the instructions on the site, you can get full pages emailed to your inbox. Note that there is a limit of 40 pages (10MB or less in total) per month on the free version of this service; a paid upgrade is also available.


PowerDNS provides free DNS services for your domain name. By configuring your domain name to point to PowerDNS's DNS servers, you can take full control over your domain name, free of charge.


Automated email-based free service that offers automatic machine-translations of your email messages from English to Spanish, English to French, German to English and many other language combinations. Read the site's instructions very carefully as the process is entirely automated and depends on the precise formatting of email messages to be translated.

The Hunger Site

A little different from the other sites in this Directory, The Hunger Site deserves to be publicised more widely. A private site, The Hunger Site has formed partnerships with various sponsors who each pay $0.005 when a button on the front page of the site is clicked. According to the site, all of the money is channeled into buying food for hungry people. You can click once a day... your individual contribution may be small, but the idea seems to be working well, since the site collects over $1,000 a day in total donations! Go ahead and click there now...


TugNut allows you to set up email forms that you can use to automate many business communication tasks, such as sending shipping or new product notices, newsletters and announcements etc. You can set up your email as a template, then merge in a list of email addresses from a database or other external source.


A small software download gives you a scrolling news ticket and much more! WorldFlash will automatically check up to 8 POP and web-based email accounts and alert you as soon as you have new email. You can also get instant access to your favourite search engine, stock quotes, sports scores and more.


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