Free Web Counters and Website Analytics

These services will help you analyze and monitor your traffic

CQ Counter

Elegant counter service that produces tidy graphical charts and reports measuring statistics such as unique visitors over time, top traffic sources, top visitor countries and domains, plus a variety of details on the most recent 20 visitors to your site. The free version of the counter is limited to 50,000 hits a month; an enhanced higher-performance counter is available for a fee.

eXTReMe Tracker

The eXTReMe Tracker is an elegant solution for tracking and monitoring the visitors to your website. You are required to display a relatively small graphic on the pages you would like to monitor. Data you can capture includes page-views and unique visitors over various time periods, which countries and continents your visitors are coming from, and which sources of traffic are bringing you the most visitors. Note that the free version of this service does not protect your statistics, so that curious onlookers will also be able to view this information. You can upgrade to a password-protected, ad-free solution.

Google Analytics

Sophisticated stats tracking and reporting system that provides information about your site traffic and where it originates from, but which also allows for Adwords and other ads to be tracked and their ROI calculated.

Sparklit Counter

Basic web counter that displays a visible count of the number of visits to a particular page. The fun thing about this counter service is the over 100 different digit styles available, which makes it easier to find a counter to match your site's theme.


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