Free URL Redirection services

Pick up a short, snappy URL for your website...,,,, and over 100 other domain names.
Free URL redirection service with a wide choice of domain names. Offers both and forms of the URL.
Offers free URL forwarding of the form You must place a small (88x31 pixel) button on your page in exchange for using the service.

Free URL redirection of the form Popup ads are shown.,,,,,,,,
Free URL redirection service that provides a subdomain of the form, plus a matching email account with 6MB of storage. The service supports the inclusion of META tags for search engine positioning, and also offers URL cloaking. Best part is that there are no ads!

This service offers free URL redirection of the form user.domain and also domain/user. It lso offers various statistics on usage of a given redirect link.)
Free URL forwarding. For a fee you can remove the banner ads.

Just.As,,,,,,,,, and many other domains
This free redirection service offers two types of url: yourdomain.domain and domain/yourdomain, as well as free email of the form yourdomain@domain

This incredible service allows you to take full control over domain names that you own, free of charge. You can specify the URL to which you want the domain name to forward, choose from "stealth" redirection (where the destination URL is hidden) or normal redirection, point the domain to an IP address and set up one or more email forwarding accounts. You can also specify advanced domain name properties such as MX records and mail servers.

Free subdomain-based URL redirection service ( or with both cloaked and direct URL forwarding options. With the cloaked option, you're able to specify the metatags to be included at the top of the page. The service is ad-free.

You get lots of choice with this free redirection service: you can choose from 2 different addressing schemes and 4 different ways of displaying your new URL. You can choose yourname.domain or domain/yourname, and how you want ads to appear on your site.
Free URL redirection service that includes URL cloaking (the target URL is hidden), forwarding to dynamic IP addresses, support for search engine META tags and more. There is also a matching free email service.

This service offers free URL redirection of the form user.domain, and all you have to do in return is place an 88x31 button on your site. The service itself doesn't include advertising, but does include URL cloaking, statistics, support for META tags and more...

ULimit,,, and several other domain names
ULimit offers free URL forwarding of the form www.yourchoice.domain as well as email forwarding and free electronic business cards to notify people of your new web address.

VDirect offers two types of service: either choose a domain name from the list and get http://username.domain and http://www.username.domain (along with a username@domain free email address) or else register a domain name with them and get full redirection! (the latter option is also open to you if you already own a domain name). VDirect also offers statistics on the number of people visiting your site through the redirection link. All this is free and ad-supported, though you can choose to remove the ads for an annual fee. Sadly, the range of "standard" domain names is fairly limited.

WebAlias,,,,, and several more
WebAlias offers a free URL redirection service with both subdomain ( and subdirectory ( style addresses. The service also provides detailed traffic stats on visitors using the redirection URL.


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