The Email Guide

Using email on the road, beating spam, email etiquette and more

Disposable Email Accounts

Need to protect your regular email address from spam? Looking for a throwaway email account to sign up for an online service you don't really trust? These disposable email services provide a quick, free solution, and most don't even require you to register with them!

Email Etiquette Tips

Practical tips to make sure your email messages make a good impression.

Phishing and Identity Theft

Learn to protect your identity online and avoid falling prey to phishing attacks aimed at stealing your personal information.

Contacting Congresspeople, Senators and Other Elected Officials

Learn how to identify and contact your elected representatives.

Free Email FAQ

Wide range of Frequently Asked Questions about free email services.

Save time every day with Pageflakes

Using Pageflakes to build yourself a custom web start page, for free.

Safeguard your email privacy

Four things to watch out for before giving your email address to a 3rd party.

Cancel and delete a Hotmail or Yahoo Mail email account

Step-by-step instructions to help you cancel your Hotmail or Yahoo Mail email account.

Understanding Email Restrictions

When email providers talk about "storage space", "bandwidth" and other restrictions, what does it all mean?

Initial Look at Google Gmail

A first look at Google's Gmail service, from a user's perspective.

Countering Gmail - Ideas for Email Providers

What can email providers do to stand up to the Gmail juggernaut?

DIY Personalized Email Forwarding

How to set up a custom email forwarding address using your own domain name, for less than US$10 a year.

Ranking Email Services by Size

A look at the relative size of various free and for-fee email services.

Using Email on the Road

Just because you're heading for fun in the sun, or travelling on business, why should you go without your regular email fix?

The Perfect Free Email Service

What would be the perfect free email service? What would it offer in terms of features and functions?

What can I do with my free email account?

Several productive ways you can maximize the use of your free email account.

The Problems with Free Email

Does "free" = "too good to be true"? A hard look at the realities of free email.

Which Free Email Service is for ME?

There are a bewildering variety of free email services to choose from, so why not get a little help in making the right choice?


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