Email Marketing Tools and Newsletter/Mailing List Hosting Services

Email marketing tools and services let you manage email mailing lists, announcement lists, discussion lists, newsletters and other regular email-based communications.


FreeLists provides free mailing list hosting to groups whose topics are related to technology, computers, communications, medicine, astronomy, and other related fields. FreeLists offers web-based tools for managing subscribers, and maintains archives automatically. All signups are manually vetted and approved.

MSN Groups

The free MSN Groups service enables you to set up a mini-site that combines message boards, chat rooms and a photo album with an email mailing list. NOTE: To set up or join a group, you'll first need to sign up for a free Microsoft Passport.


NotifyList lets you set up free one-way email mailing lists. All members added to a NotifyList must be double opted-in.


Topica offers a very attractive and comprehensive-looking service. You can host different types of email lists, such as discussion lists or newsletters. You can choose to have moderated or unmoderated discussion lists, and open or private lists. You can even choose to generate automatic digests out of a discussion list. On the flip side, Topica offers lots of resources to help you find interesting lists to subscribe to.


Xoopa offers email list hosting, email marketing and mailing list management services on the Lyris ListManager platform. You can build email newsletter templates, edit HTML email with a WYSIWYG editor, include email or web-based surveys, and keep your email lists clean with smart bounce handling. You can test-drive Xoopa free for 30 days.

Yahoo! Groups

Set up a free email distribution list, with spam protection and automatic archiving. Also offers private lists, duplicate message elimination, polls, multi-group support (including global "What's New" message) and more. Ad-supported.


This service provides a sophisticated, ad-free email list management service. You can import a database of subscribers, generate statistics, send out both plain text and HTML email, schedule newsletters for future delivery, build advanced signup forms and perform many other tasks. The free service is limited to mailing lists of up to 1,000 subscribers (paid service levels are not limited), and many of the more advanced features of the service are only available to paid subscribers.

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