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If you are planning on building an email service from scratch, then this article about the perfect email service may help.You can also see what people are saying about setting up and running an email service in the discussion forum. If you want to outsource your email provision or run an email service in-house using commercial software, the companies below offer a wide range of possibilities to suit every site and budget...

At Mail

This server-based solution comes in four different flavours, supporting from 10,000 to 1 million+ email mailboxes, depending on the version purchased and the limitations of your hardware. The software sports a very impressive list of features, including POP3 and web-based email support, SQL integration and much more. The most powerful version of the software supports distributive load processing across many servers, and tasks can be allocated to servers so that one (or more) handle SMTP sending, and other(s) handle the login process, etc. Note that when you purchase At Mail, you will also have access to the full source code of the program so that your technical team can customize it at will. Pricing for the At Mail software begins at $499.

Critical Path

A major player in the corporate messaging space, Critical Path offers a wide variety of solutions, from their Messaging Server that supports Web, SMTP, POP and IMAP through to remotely hosted solutions, calendaring solutions and more.


This company offers web-based email server software that can be purchased and downloaded on a local server. This provides web-based email with a variety of features, including address books, folders, spell checking, POP mailbox access and more. EMUmail can also be outsourced under two pricing schemes: a cheaper scheme in which EMUmail adds advertising and shares part of the profits and a more expensive service provided on a per-user basis, but without EMUmail advertising.


EnterGroup provides a wide variety of hosted email services, from a Family plan that comes with 8 mailboxes to outsourced solutions for organizations needing tens of thousands of mailboxes. EnterGroup also provides a pass-through solution with user-specifiable pricing for those seeking to set up a for-fee vanity email service.

Gossamer Mail

Gossamer Mail is a sophisticated email server package that supports pluggable authentication (integrates with existing user registration-based applications), multiple templates, support for unlimited domains and more. The package is available in Windows and Linux versions, with pricing starting at $650.


Aimed at organizations that need the highest level of email security, the HushMail private label program enables you to offer secure branded email service that takes advantage of HushMail's world-leading security features. HushMail features 2,048 bit digital key encryption and integrates with PGP for a totally flexible email solution. The service is sold on a setup plus monthly fee basis, with per-user charges beginning at $1.99 a month.


You can set up an instant free email service for your site (you can offer email addresses of the form and there's no cost to join up. You can customize various aspects of the presentation of "your" free email service. You co-own the database of users, and can split the advertising revenue with Outblaze (make sure you read the small print for the full details on how this works). I-P mail offers a wealth of features, including auto-reply, multiple signatures, external mail collection, address books, time settings, filters, and more!


LoadMail offers a variety of email messaging services, with different packages tailored to small businesses, email providers, and larger organizations. Their private label service starts at $19.95 a month for up to 100 mailboxes.


NextPortal combines web-based email with member access control, chat, message forums and other tools that can be integrated into a portal-type site. The software is available in a number of configurations, from a 24-user package for development purposes to an unlimited user package for US$299.


Runbox has been active in the email market since 1999. As well as offering a paid consumer-oriented email service, Runbox offers outsourced business email solutions for up to 10,000 mailboxes. Each account comes with 10GB of email storage and a separate 1GB of file storage, plus the ability to send and receive 100MB messages, superior anti-spam/virus filtering, access to your email via Web, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and WAP, secure access via SSL, and more. Pricing starts at US$29.95 per account per year.


SwishMail offers a number of business email packages, with 10 service levels covering solutions for 25 to 1,000 email mailboxes, plus custom configurations on demand. The service includes IMAP/POP3 access, secure access, SMTP, autoresponders and other features. Prices start at US$19.99 a month for the 25-account package.


Synacor offers a suite of communications tools that include web-based mail, IMAP, POP3 and WAP solutions.


UserMail offers a series of email packages aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. All accounts come with anti-virus/anti-spam filtering, and are managed via a central control panel. Their service offerings begin at US$100 a year for a 5-mailbox package.

X and Mail

For organizations seeking to set up their own free email service, X and Mail offers a variety of web-based email solutions from around $10k.

ZapZone Network

This service enables any site to provide co-branded email free of charge. Note that ads are shown to visitors using "your" mail service.


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