Text messaging, voice and video chat tools

Chat freely with other people through text messaging, voice and video chats.

AIM Instant Messenger

AIM lets you communicate with your friends via text, voice and video chat. You can also share photos and files with other AIM users, and you can send instant text messages to cellphones through the AIM service.

Google Talk

Google Talk lets you communicate with other Google Talk users through instant message and free PC-to-PC voice calls (you can leave a voicemail if they're not available). You can also use Google Talk to transfer files to other users. Google Talk lets you view YouTube videos, Picasa Web Albums and Flickr slideshows during your chats.


ICQ offers text, voice and video chats with other ICQ users. You can also send and receive SMS messages through the ICQ client.


ICQ2Go is a somewhat feature-limited version of the ICQ messaging service that runs directly inside a web browser. You don't need to install any extra software to communicate through ICQ - all you need to do is log into the service with your ICQ username.


Meebo lets you use your AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ or Jabber account through a web browser, without the need to install additional client software. They also provide text-based chat rooms that can be embedded into any site.

MSN Web Messenger

MSN Web Messenger lets you communicate with MSN Messenger users without having to install any particular software, since it runs entirely via a web browser. Handy if you're on a shared computer. You'll need a Microsoft .NET Passport account to take advantage of the service.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger lets you exchange messages with fellow users and users of Windows Live Messenger. You can also swap photos and files (upto 2GB in size), and take part in voice calls or video webcam calls. Yahoo Messenger integrates with various mobile services to give you text chat and messaging on the go.

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger lets you talk to other users via text, voice or video. You can leave a message or a note if the person you're trying to reach is offline. You can also use the service to share files, photos and videos. You can also communicate with Yahoo Messenger users.


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